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Volunteer Opportunities

PCHS Calgary was founded by volunteers, and volunteers continue to be an integral part of our team. Volunteers choose to donate their skills and time to create positive change in their community. PCHS Calgary is actively seeking volunteers who are passionate about serving the unique needs of the South Asian immigrant community in the Calgary area, to help empower these families to live healthy, happy and successful lives in Canada.

Volunteers can contribute back to their community, work for social change, help others in need, network with like-minded individuals, gain work experience, learn new skills and have fun! Volunteering not only benefits the community, the organization and individuals, but also the volunteer themselves.


Volunteers have the right to work in a safe and healthy environment free of discrimination, receive appropriate orientation and training as required. Volunteers are expected to: undertake any training required, be punctual and respectful of others, to carry out the job they have agreed to and advise PCHS Calgary if something is not working.


Thank you for your interest in supporting vision and mission of PCHS Calgary. Please take a few minutes to tell us more about yourself and your volunteer goals. We will contact you if your skills and objectives match any available volunteer positions.

Practicum Student Opportunities

We view practicum students as a great asset to our organization. Diploma of Social Work students, BSW students interested in a practicum at PCHS Calgary can submit a resume and cover letter to email address:

Career Opportunities

We currently have no opportunities available.

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