“The Case for Diversity” a report by the Mental Health Commission of Canada

“The Case for Diversity” project reviewed 408 studies involving 41,920 people, offering “significant evidence” that culturally adapted therapies are more effective than programs targeting culturally mixed groups.

“Diversity has been a hallmark of contemporary Canadian society and it should be foundational to the planning and delivery of mental health services at all levels,” the report concludes. “Meeting the needs of IRER [immigrant, refugee, ethno-cultural and racialized] populations is an urgent priority for the Canadian mental health system and its service providers.”

Some highlights in the report:

  • Calls for improved collection and evaluation of data on ethnic background.
  • Finds that culturally adapted programs increase client satisfaction and compliance and produce better health outcomes.
  • Says addressing social determinants for immigrant, refugee and racialized populations is “paramount” to an effective strategy.

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