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Punjabi Community Health Services supports the South Asian community through a full spectrum of culturally relevant programs that foster happy, healthy and successful families.

SAHARA Women’s Group


Sahara Women’s Group is a program that supports, mentors and empowers South Asian women. Monthly women only support group meetings are held to engage, educate and empower South Asian women within their own cultural context and language.


Facilitated group discussions share coping mechanisms and tips to raise awareness of and address common issues impacting South Asian women. Issues covered include: womens’ health, child-rearing, navigating relationships, multi-generational family life & impact on youth, girl-child practices & acquiring further education, mental health and addictions and aging.


This program aims to create harmony within the nuclear South Asian family, to prevent strife situations and avail families the opportunities and advantages of participating in the greater Canadian culture and society.


When: First Wednesday of the month, 6:00 – 8:30 pm
Where: 1000 Voices, Genesis Centre of Community Wellness, Calgary, Alberta.


Sahara Family Support Program

The Sahara Family Support Program at Punjabi Community Health Services aims to improve family functioning through providing support to clients and their families. This is achieved through our one-to-one counselling and/or group programs, (i.e. Parenting program and Women’s group), and linking them to appropriate community/social resources. All services are offered in English, Punjabi, Hindi, and Urdu.


The Program Components: Supportive Counselling

The Supportive Counselling is an approach for individuals and/or their families to work with the support of a counsellor in setting and working towards their goals. The counsellors take a nonjudgmental and biased free approach to respect the needs of their clients. The counsellor and client work together to create a care plan, which is reviewed and revised to fit the client’s needs. Based on client’s needs, supportive counselling can be provided in the client’s house and/or community.


Sahara Family Support Program Goals:

  • Understand the goals and challenges of the South Asian Community;
  • Provide culturally and linguistically appropriate programs and supports to promote healthy and successful families; and
  • Develop equitable partnerships with community agencies to foster collaborations for healthy communities.
  • The services are provided at NO COST to the participants.


For referrals, please call 1-587-999-9312 or visit our location. PCHS Groups and counselling are offered in Genesis at 1000 voices. Child care and healthy refreshments are provided during the group programs, free of cost.

Parenting Program

This program aims to improve overall family relationships through improved child-raising practices, resulting in better parenting. Parents will be able to foster more advanced physical, mental and emotional development for their children. This program is designed to provide a full range of parenting support to Punjabi/South Asian parents and grandparents, within our cultural content. By bridging the gap between eastern and western cultures, we will help you build successful parent-child relationships.


Parents are encouraged to bring their children aged 4 and above. Children are separately mentored and engaged in activities to engender values in alignment with parental session topics.


Some of the topic areas covered include : Building Blocks for Successful Parenting; Understanding your Child; Effective Communication; Positive Discipline; Problem Solving; Healthy Relationships; Building Resiliency; Parenting Styles; Parenting Responsibilities; Newcomer Settlement Issues


Peer Support and Mentorship Program

As a part of our Sahara Family Support Program we have been providing holistic and culturally appropriate approaches to help stabilize and empower our clients so that they may lead health, happy and successful families. Our multi-faceted approach now includes a one on one Peer Support and Mentorship Program. This is an opportunity for clients to gain valuable guidance from trained volunteers who will serve as a support system in times of adversity. For volunteers, this program will provide a rich experience in working with members of the South Asian Community providing support in areas such as family conflict, addictions, mental health and overall well-being. By the end of this program volunteers will have completed a 10 session training program, shadowed a trained professional and received a certificate for program completion along with lasting network relationships. We are currently looking for those with a background in the social sciences (social work, psychology, sociology) or in healthcare programs such as nursing.


If you are personable, eager to learn and have a passion for making lasting changes in the community, please contact our volunteer coordinator Tayyiba Khan at tayyiba.khan@pchscalgary.com or 587-576-1107.

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