Sahara Family Support Program

The Sahara Family Support Program at Punjabi Community Health Services aims to improve family functioning through providing support to clients and their families. This is achieved through our one-to-one counselling and/or group programs, (i.e. Parenting program and Women’s group), and linking them to appropriate community/social resources. All services are offered in English, Punjabi, Hindi, and Urdu.

The Program Components: Supportive Counselling

The Supportive Counselling is an approach for individuals and/or their families to work with the support of a counsellor in setting and working towards their goals. The counsellors take a nonjudgmental and biased free approach to respect the needs of their clients. The counsellor and client work together to create a care plan, which is reviewed and revised to fit the client’s needs. Based on client’s needs, supportive counselling can be provided in the client’s house and/or community.

Sahara Family Support Program Goals:

Understand the goals and challenges of the South Asian Community;
Provide culturally and linguistically appropriate programs and supports to promote healthy and successful families; and
Develop equitable partnerships with community agencies to foster collaborations for healthy communities.
The services are provided at NO COST to the participants.

For referrals, please call 1-587-999-9312 or visit our location. PCHS Groups and counselling are offered in Genesis at 1000 voices. Child care and healthy refreshments are provided during the group programs, free of cost. Please visit our website at for more information.

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